Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Correspondence From A Wonderful Fellow Tweedster

I just had to add this message, recently received from a new customer who needed some initial advice before making his purchase.That is another great thing about Tweed, you meet such wonderful people!

Dear Peter,

Many thanks for your reassurance. I don't know what possessed me to mention details. I think it must have been my detestation of, to put it charitably,government totalitarian tendencies combined with security incontinence.
To talk of nobler matters, I must have studied just about every page of both your Tweed Jacket and ebay sites. It was your eBay About Us Page where your sentiments really got me excited.
It was mad for an inpecuneous 1950s Sandhurst cadet to buy a big old fashioned car, then with another young Sapper officer while in training at Chatham, to buy an outdated 1904 4 ton Thames Measurement gaffrigged cutter. The criticism did not deter many cadets and young officers a few young ladies, and even the odd disapproving relative from sharing the enjoyment the old thing offered.
When the 1927 Rolls Royce Phantom 1 was sold to raise a third of the price of this house in 1974 I was labelled lucky. Sour grapes. It was irresistable urge to go for perceived intrinsic value: To love them for their own sake; To admire the qualities of those who designed and made them: To admire the respective qualities of the materials.To enjoy pride of ownership of classics is to share enjoyment with others. To hell with the worship of money. Whoever turned out to admire a pile of pound notes passing by?
So three cheers for Bookster & Tweed Jackets , and for a Happy Christmas, Very best Wishes .........

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