Monday, 17 November 2008


Contribution by Chris Kavanaugh from a thread on Ask Andy About Clothes
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Your flight is delayed at O'Hare Airport. Somebody neglects to complete a de icing of the wings. You take off in a fog and moments later the plane is broken in three pieces, half in icy water and half in slick, frozen shoreline.There are numerous fires burning.You get up, and in leather shoes walk on debri, some still glowing with heat. The wing is slippery, you slide into waist deep water, but manage to gain the shoreline. You collapse, but the tweed is just enough to keep your core temperature from falling dangerously low.At triage, they remove your jacket and waistcoat. You let out a sudden gasp. You have 3 broken ribs the clothing kept relatively immobile.looking around, you see people with melted polyester wounds literally from head to toe. They are lucky.Many post crash survivors succumbed to shock hastened by the onset of hypothermia.weeks later, you get the newly cleaned and pressed suit back from the cleaners. You see numerous ember burns that give it a peened surface. But by God not a fiber is completely seperated. You, and it are still presentable.* This actually happened in another part of the world to an online acquaintance who asked me for clothing advice while traveling

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